An Exhibition Stand Builder’s Top Industry Tips

Every industry has tricks of the trade that can be vital for success and staying ahead of the competition — exhibitions are no different. In this post, we’ll share an exhibition stand builder’s top industry secrets.

Exhibitions, trade shows and any other type of event are a crucial opportunity to connect with your customers and market your brand in an environment that has fantastic potential. You must utilise all the tools and resources at your disposal to ensure that you walk away from the event with your goals achieved and leads for future business.

Below, we list our top tips for event success.

Make a Phenomenal First Impression

You’ll have heard this advice hundreds of times in your life, so there’s no harm in us reminding you once more: you must make your first impression count. This is a good attitude to have towards any aspect of your personal or professional life, but when it comes to designing an exhibition stand, it is particularly important.

Tom Bristow, Sales Development Manager of the exhibition stand company says, “First impressions count. A display stand at any exhibition must make a statement, attract the eye and be memorable.”

You only have about two to three seconds to attract the interest of a potential customer as they pass your stand. The aim is to get their attention and provoke their curiosity in your company and its services. The entire graphic display acts as an instant snapshot advertising your business — its ethos, quality and potential — and prospects and existing clients will make assumptions based on those first few seconds of looking at your exhibition stand.

Quality Beats Breaking the Bank

An exhibition stand needs to make a brilliant first impression. Can you only achieve this by investing a significant amount of money in the design and manufacture of your exhibition stand? We think not! It’s more to do with the quality and creativity of your exhibition stand builder than how much money you throw at it. We offer high-quality solutions, regardless of how much a business has to play with.
If you only have a small budget for your exhibition stand, it’s still possible to attract the attention of passersby and deliver the impact you need. We offer a FREE design service to demonstrate how we can provide you with a high-quality exhibition stand that won’t break the bank.

Brainstorm Good Design Ideas

The key to creativity in any facet is brainstorming ideas that could help you to achieve your goals. By working with a professional exhibition stand builder, you have direct access to a wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge — so who better to help you craft something truly special for your upcoming exhibition?

Before our team designs and manufactures your exhibition stand, you (and your team) must establish exactly what you need and want to achieve with your exhibition stand. Once we clearly understand the message you want to convey, your unique selling point and the content you need to include, our team can get to work and create a stand that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Simplicity Is Effective

An eye-catching exhibition stand is a prerequisite, but it’s just as important to include the right amount of information in the design. Too much or too little and your potential client may walk on by. The content should be just enough to let people know, in a headline, who you are and what you do. Too much and it just looks busy or you provide all the information a potential client needs to know without them having to interact with you. As the old saying goes, “keep them wanting more”, but be cautious of offering too little to entice them to your trade stand.

If you are concerned about keeping things too simple and not providing enough information, there are unique and effective ways to convey your message without cluttering your design. For example, interactive displays provide an immersive experience that’s particularly appealing to consumers in the digital age. People spend a significant amount of time each day looking at a screen, so why not use this to your advantage?

Are you in need of expert advice for designing your business’s new exhibition stand? Get in touch today to discuss your needs with our team!

Tom Bristow

Plus Group

Tom Bristow is the Managing Director of The Plus Group and has worked in the exhibition industry for over a decade. He is passionate about the service his company provides and he eats, breathes and sleeps everything exhibitions.

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