Choosing a Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design

There’s no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to bespoke exhibition stand design. Your choice of stand tells potential customers a lot about you and your company, making it crucial to the success of your next event.

At Plus Exhibition, we work with a diverse range of small businesses and large organisations across many different industries. They all want the best possible exhibition stand to ensure they achieve their goals, but they often don’t know what’s required to do so. This blog post will give you some expert insight and advice to help you choose a bespoke exhibition stand design that is best suited to your needs.

Episode #6: Getting your exhibition stand right

Clear and Visible Branding

Effective and eye-catching branding is a cornerstone of the modern business world; all you have to do is look at companies like Apple, Nike and Red Bull. These companies put a great deal of emphasis on the style and appealing nature of their branding, which instantly creates more interest and opportunities for success. Keep this in mind when the time comes to design your exhibition stand.

To get the most out of your bespoke exhibition stand, passersby must know precisely who you are and what you are promoting — this messaging can be conveyed through clever branding. Making your branding clear and eye-catching not only ensures that customers who are already familiar with your company can spot you instantly, but it also gives new customers a logo and brand to keep in mind for the future.

Create a Welcoming Environment

When you hear the term “bespoke exhibition stand design”, it’s quick to assume this mainly focuses on the aesthetics of your booth, such as text and images, but it goes way beyond that. The layout and features of your exhibition stand play a vital role in ensuring that every guest feels welcome, comfortable and in good spirits during their visit. This will provide you with a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which to deliver a killer sales pitch — increasing your chances of hitting sales and leads targets.

Our experienced designers can give you useful advice based on their previous experience and knowledge of the industry. For example, providing comfortable furniture will encourage people to stick around for longer. Combine this with lighting that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, and you will already be well on your way to creating something special.

Avoiding Confusing Potential Customers

One big mistake that people make when designing an exhibition stand is cluttering the design with an abundance of information which can overwhelm your target audience. For this reason, exhibitors must discuss their goals and message with the designer. They can help to create something that conveys the key message as clearly as possible. Recent advances in technology provide a wide range of solutions for this purpose.

Many people spend hours each day looking at a screen of some sort, so why not take advantage of this and incorporate interactive displays? This offers a more immersive experience and a unique way for you to deliver information without bombarding people with large blocks of text.

Does Your Layout Suit Your Needs?

The layout of your bespoke exhibition stand design is crucial. If your design is difficult for customers to navigate clearly or access to key areas of the exhibition is compromised, sales will take a hit. Whether your goal is lead generation or securing sales, providing easy access to essential information should always be a top priority. Overlooking this will make life harder than it needs to be and will allow your competitors to race ahead.

This is especially important for events where you are promoting or selling products, as potential customers will need to be able to get close enough to browse without being hindered or held up in any way. The sales window tends to be a small one, so making every second count is critical — it may lead to follow-up onsite sales.

Do you have an upcoming event and need a bespoke exhibition stand design to impress potential customers? Plus Exhibition designs a wide range of exhibition stands to suit the varying needs and specifications of every sector. Get in touch today to discuss your project with our team of experts.

What Our Happy Clients Say


The stand was very well received and we got a lot of positive feedback which was great news. The director of ChemUK voted it the best stand of the show which we were incredibly pleased to hear so please pass on our thanks to all involved.

Quinn Building Products

I just wanted to say a massive thank-you for your help with the creation of our stand! We were very pleased with the way it turned out and the professionalism and support we got from you all when we were working on the design of it.

Citizens Advice Bureau

We have ordered several stands and additional display materials from Plus Exhibition Stands over the years, we always receive prompt, efficient and professional service with every effort made to meet our requirements and a lot of the time urgent deadlines! I cannot recommend them enough.

MTI Aviation

More than just accommodating us within a restricted time span, your teams professionalism and eye to detail was outstanding throughout.

Needless to say, we look forward with confidence to working with you more in the future.

Acacium Group

We just wanted to a big say thank you for all of you support with managing our event stand at the AGM conference again this year. It came together perfectly, and the service you and your team provide made the whole experience so seamless. It was a very successful conference, and our display was definitely a standout.

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