How to Choose an Exhibition Stand Builder

Your choice of exhibition stand builder is crucial for ensuring that it is of the highest quality, but also that it suits your business’s needs and budget. There are a few important things to consider.

When you attend a business exhibition or any other type of event, an exhibition stand is essential for engaging customers and achieving your goals. For some, their primary objective is to sell products, whereas others want to attract as much attention as possible and increase brand awareness. No matter what you are trying to achieve, choosing the right exhibition stand builder is a critical step towards event success.

Below are a few questions to ask yourself when the time comes to choose an exhibition stand company for your next project.

1. Do You Like the Exhibition Stand Designer’s Work?

Probably the most crucial factor. Do you like the designs they have provided you with? Does their previous work make you excited about working with them? If an exhibition stand builder is reluctant or unable to show you more than two or three of their previous projects, this may well mean that they either were unsuccessful or they lack experience. If their website doesn’t have many examples of prior work, you should definitely request some as these will give you a good idea of the quality of their work. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the projects!

2. Are You Planning to Use the Exhibition Stand More than Once?

Is the show a one-off or are you going to reuse the stand? How much will it cost you to reuse the stand for next year’s show? Reusable exhibition stands offer an ideal solution for exhibitors seeking a cost-effective and hassle-free experience. The exhibition stand builder must have experience in designing and manufacturing reusable stands and understanding the varying needs of their clients.

3. Are They Experienced Exhibition Stand Builders?

Reputation and experience are crucial in any line of work. Before you invest your hard-earned money into something that has the potential to be a massive asset to your company, you need to have the confidence and peace of mind knowing that the people creating your bespoke exhibition stand are a worthy choice. Fortunately, the internet is the perfect place to do your research and shop around for the perfect exhibition stand company.

If you have your eye on a particular company, do they have customer reviews and testimonials? How long have they been in business? How much experience does their team have in the exhibitions industry? These are all things you should consider, so don’t be afraid to ask!

4. Will They Outsource to an Exhibition Stand Contractor?

If your chosen exhibition stand company decides to outsource to an independent exhibition stand contractor, there is always going to be a concern about the impact on quality and reliability. You chose a specific company because of the work THEY do, not a third party. So it’s crucial to find out exactly who will be designing and manufacturing your exhibition stand, and establish whether or not you are equally as confident in the quality of their work. If not, you need to either express this concern to the company you initially dealt with or shop around for a company that handles projects in-house.

5. Who Will Manage Your Project?

Any exhibition stand builder worth their salt will allocate you a project manager — find out if this project manager (PM) is a good fit for your requirements. Read through the previous client reviews and see if their name is mentioned. If not, take the time to find out more about them. If you feel that they may not be the best fit, you can always request a new PM.

6. Long-Term Relationship or One-Off Project?

Are you planning on doing multiple exhibitions every year and looking to find a new long-term supplier? Or are you looking to do a one-off show and can’t decide whether you want to ramp up your face-to-face marketing in the coming years? If you are looking for a long term partnership — then you need to get to know the company inside and out, ensure that the person you deal with understands what you want and what you hope to achieve. However, if you are attending one event for a specific reason, you need to have the confidence that the company you choose can deliver a stand that will help you achieve that goal.

Are you looking for a skilled, creative and experienced exhibition stand company? Look no further! Get in touch today to discuss your design needs and exhibition goals with our team of specialists.

Tom Bristow

Plus Group

Tom Bristow is the Managing Director of The Plus Group and has worked in the exhibition industry for over a decade. He is passionate about the service his company provides and he eats, breathes and sleeps everything exhibitions.

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