The 8 Basic Principles of Graphic Design – Part 2


Here are the final 4 of the 8 principles of graphic design. Following these will help you come up with an eye-catching, striking and powerful exhibition stand design.

5) Balance

Probably one of the most important elements of a design. The balance will give your exhibition stand design its form and will ensure that all the individual elements are distributed properly. The balance will turn your design elements into a cohesive piece of artwork culminating in a professional and visually pleasing design.

6) Hierarchy

Put simply this is deciding which elements of your design you will make the main features and which ones will sit in the background. Just like any hierarchy some elements are deemed to be more significant/important and will take prominence in the design. How do you work this out? You need to decide which piece of your design is the most important, is it the image, logo, strapline etc?

7) Repetition

Repetition can strengthen the overall look of a design and can also help tie different elements together. Repetition and consistency is very important when designing different elements and different products, your branding needs to be cohesive across all platforms.

8) Proximity

Proximity will help you organise your design. Grouping similar or related items together is good practice, as it will help you create a relationship between them. By grouping elements together you can declutter your design also improving your spacing! Proximity does not mean they have to be put together visually, they can be apart from each other but connected by another element, like colour etc.

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Tom Bristow is the Managing Director of The Plus Group and has worked in the exhibition industry for over a decade. He is passionate about the service his company provides and he eats, breathes and sleeps everything exhibitions.

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