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Your Guide to Lead Capture at Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor or a first-timer, mastering the art of lead capture is essential for making the most out of your trade show experience.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the best ways to capture lead data at exhibitions, outlining the pros and cons of each option, to help you make an informed decision about which methods suit you the best.

Pen and Paper


The trusty paper forms! Familiar and reliable, these classics never fail to get the job done. With a pen in hand and a smile on your face, capturing lead data becomes a breeze. Attendees appreciate the simplicity, and exhibitors find comfort in the tangible nature of pen and paper. However, let’s not overlook the occasional challenge of deciphering illegible handwriting or the tedious task of manual data entry post-event. Nevertheless, with a little organisational finesse, traditional paper forms remain a steadfast option for capturing valuable lead information.


– Simple and familiar: Both exhibitors and attendees are accustomed to using paper forms, making them easy to understand and fill out.

– No additional technology required: No need for smartphones, tablets, or internet access, simplifying the process.

– Customisation: Exhibitors can design paper forms to collect specific information tailored to their needs.


– Prone to errors: Illegible handwriting and incomplete information can lead to inaccuracies and inefficiencies.

– Manual data entry: After the event, exhibitors must transcribe information from paper forms into electronic databases, which can be time-consuming.

– Risk of loss: Paper forms can be misplaced or lost, leading to missed opportunities and frustration.

Badge Scanning Devices


Offered by most exhibition organisers, these sleek gadgets empower exhibitors to effortlessly capture attendee information with a simple swipe or tap. Real-time access to captured data ensures that no opportunity goes unnoticed, while integration with CRM systems paves the way for seamless follow-up strategies. However, let’s not forget the initial investment required for renting or purchasing these devices, as well as the importance of providing adequate training to exhibitors for optimal usage. Nevertheless, badge scanning devices offer a glimpse into the tech-savvy world of efficient lead management.


– Efficient scanning: Bagde scanning devices allow exhibitors to quickly scan attendee badges or business cards, streamlining the data capture process.

– Real-time access: Exhibitors can access captured data instantly, enabling immediate follow-up and engagement.

– Integration with CRM: Many lead retrieval devices integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, facilitating seamless data management.


– Upfront cost: Renting or purchasing lead retrieval devices can be expensive, especially for smaller exhibitors with limited budgets.

– Training requirements: Exhibitors may need training to use the devices effectively, adding to the overall investment of time and resources.

– Connectivity issues: Dependence on internet connectivity for data synchronisation can pose challenges if reliable Wi-Fi or mobile service is unavailable.

QR Code Scanning Apps


Say hello to efficiency with QR code scanning apps! In today’s digital age, simplicity meets sophistication as attendees whip out their smartphones to scan their way into your lead database. With just a quick scan, their information is securely captured, ready for your follow-up magic. While app adoption may vary, those who embrace the convenience are rewarded with instant access to your offerings. Yet, let’s keep in mind the importance of ensuring compatibility across different devices and operating systems. Nonetheless, QR code scanning apps offer a seamless solution for streamlined lead capture.

Re-Flow exhibition stand


– Streamlined process: QR code scanning simplifies lead capture, allowing exhibitors to quickly gather attendee information.

– Instant access: Exhibitors can immediately access attendee data through the app, facilitating faster follow-up.

– Reduced errors: Scanned data eliminates the need for manual entry, reducing the risk of errors.


– App adoption: Attendees must download and use the scanning app, which may not always be convenient or feasible.

– Compatibility issues: QR code apps may not work seamlessly across all devices or operating systems, potentially limiting their effectiveness.

– Limited customisation: Compared to paper forms, QR code apps may offer fewer options for customising data capture fields.

Mobile Apps or Web Forms


Embrace the power of mobility with mobile apps or web forms! In a world where smartphones reign supreme, these digital tools offer unparalleled flexibility and accessibility for both exhibitors and attendees. With just a few taps on their screens, attendees can effortlessly provide their information, while exhibitors enjoy real-time synchronisation and communication capabilities. However, let’s not forget the importance of ensuring universal access to devices and internet connectivity, as well as addressing any privacy concerns related to data collection. Nevertheless, mobile apps or web forms embody the modern approach to lead capture, bridging the gap between virtual and physical engagement with ease.

Deponti exhibition stand


– Flexibility and accessibility: Mobile apps or web forms can be accessed on smartphones or tablets, providing flexibility for both exhibitors and attendees.

– Real-time synchronisation: Data captured through mobile apps or web forms is instantly synchronised, allowing for immediate access and follow-up.

– Communication capabilities: Exhibitors can communicate directly with leads through the app or platform, facilitating ongoing engagement.


– Device and internet access: Attendees must have smartphones or access to the internet to use mobile apps or web forms, which may not be universally available.

– Adoption challenges: App adoption rates can vary among attendees, impacting the effectiveness of data capture efforts.

– Privacy concerns: Exhibitors must ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and obtain consent from attendees for data collection and communication.

Games, Competitions and Giveaways


Get ready to ignite excitement and draw crowds with competitions and giveaways as a savvy strategy for capturing lead data! Picture this: attendees eagerly flock to your stand, enticed by the promise of winning a prize or snagging a freebie. Games, competitions and giveaways create buzz and encourage engagement like nothing else. As attendees participate, their contact information is effortlessly captured, paving the way for meaningful follow-up interactions. However, let’s consider the pros and cons of this approach.

exhibition stands games


– Increased Engagement: Competitions and giveaways captivate attendees’ attention and encourage active participation, leading to increased foot traffic and interaction at your stand.

– Lead Capture Opportunity: As attendees enter contests or provide their information to enter giveaways, exhibitors can effortlessly capture valuable lead data for follow-up communication.

– Brand Visibility: Offering exciting prizes or freebies enhances brand visibility and leaves a positive impression on attendees, increasing the likelihood of future engagement and conversions.

– Memorable Experience: Competitions and giveaways create memorable experiences for attendees, fostering positive associations with your brand and setting you apart from competitors.


– Quality of Leads: While competitions and giveaways attract a large volume of leads, not all participants may be genuinely interested in your products or services, leading to a lower quality of leads.

– Resource Investment: Planning and executing competitions and giveaways require time, effort, and resources, including sourcing prizes, designing promotional materials, and managing logistics.

– Budget Considerations: Offering attractive prizes or freebies can be costly, especially for exhibitors with limited budgets, potentially impacting the overall ROI of the event.

– Follow-Up Challenges: Following up with leads collected through competitions and giveaways requires careful segmentation and personalised communication to ensure relevance and effectiveness.

Interactive Stands and Features


Get ready to engage and captivate with interactive stands and features! These attention-grabbing tools invite attendees to interact with your brand in a whole new way, offering surveys, quizzes, and product demos that leave a lasting impression. As attendees eagerly participate, their information is seamlessly captured and stored electronically, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Yet, let’s not overlook the logistical challenges of setting up and powering these interactive features, as well as the occasional technical hiccup that may arise. Nonetheless, interactive stands and features elevate the trade show experience, fostering meaningful connections with every touch and tap.


– Engaging experience: Interactive stands and features capture attendee attention with interactive features such as surveys, quizzes, or product demos.

– Customisation options: Exhibitors can tailor interactive experiences to collect specific data points and engage attendees more effectively.

– Instant data capture: Data collected through interactive kiosks or tablets is captured electronically, eliminating the need for manual entry.


– Space and power requirements: Setting up interactive features requires adequate space and access to power sources, which may not always be available.

– Technical issues: Malfunctions or technical glitches with the devices can disrupt the data capture process and impact attendee experience.

– Audience appeal: Interactive experiences may not appeal to all attendees, particularly those who prefer more traditional methods of data capture.

It’s clear that each option offers its own unique blend of advantages and considerations. From the simplicity of traditional paper forms to the sophistication of mobile apps and interactive stands, exhibitors have a wealth of tools at their disposal to engage attendees and gather valuable information. The key lies in selecting the approach that aligns best with your objectives, audience preferences, and resources. Remember, regardless of the method chosen, the ultimate goal remains the same: to forge genuine connections, nurture relationships, and unlock success at every trade show and exhibition. So, with a smile on your face and a readiness to adapt, venture forth and make your mark in the world of trade show lead capture. Here’s to your continued success!

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