How Much Does an Exhibition Stand Cost?

A high-quality exhibition stand is a fantastic way to grab the attention of potential customers at events, making it a worthy investment to increase sales. In this post, we’ll discuss exhibition prices to give you a ballpark figure for your next event.

Running a business requires time, effort and, of course, money. When it comes to the latter, investing in marketing is crucial for maximum exposure and broadening your target audience. Exhibition stands provide the ideal platform to achieve this goal, but how much do they usually cost?

Standard Exhibition Stand Prices

If you’re wondering, “How much can I expect to pay for an exhibition stand?”, unfortunately, there’s no standard or average price, as exhibition stand prices will differ depending on your specific requirements. These include:

  • How big do you want the stand to be?
  • Will you be hiring or buying an exhibition stand?
  • How quickly do you need it?
  • What’s your maximum budget?
  • Do you require bespoke features, such as AV displays and tiles?

At Plus Exhibition, we strive to provide our customers with custom exhibition stands that not only suit their needs but also the budget they have available. We design bespoke exhibition stands of the highest quality to ensure that customers always get the most from their investment. As we said, exhibition stand prices vary significantly, but you can expect to pay anywhere between £4,000 and £20,000.

Can I Lower the Cost of My Exhibition Stand?

Exhibition stand prices vary according to the size and complexity of the design, but if you’re working with a tighter budget and are concerned you’ll be limited to a smaller stand, there are a few ways to reduce costs.

Self Build Exhibition Stands

Self-build exhibition stands are the perfect solution if you want to save money on installation or simply want total control of your stand. We supply the modular display and provide the necessary training to get you started. From here, you’ll have a high-quality exhibition stand and the know-how to set up your exhibit wherever and whenever you need to.

If the self-build service sounds like the best option for you, your first step will be a consultation with the Plus Exhibition team. Then, we will help you plan the graphics and layout before presenting you with a versatile modular display.

Custom Stand Hire

If you want to save up to 45% on exhibition stand hire, look no further than our custom hire stand service. You pay for the design, graphics and our set-up and pack-down service — that’s it. Our capable team will take care of everything else and loan the bespoke exhibition stand to you free of charge.

Once you decide on the graphics and layout, our team will bring the stand to your event and install it. Our exhibition stand hire team will also take care of other crucial aspects, including health and safety, electrical specifications and risk assessments. What’s more, we’ll safely store your stand when you’re not using it, so whenever you need to use your stand again, all you need to do is get in touch.

Our Exhibition Stand Prices Guide

Although we don’t have standardized exhibition stand prices, that doesn’t mean we can’t provide more details on what we can provide based on the budget you have available. No matter if you have £4,000 at your disposal or well over £20,000, Plus Exhibition can design and manufacture bespoke and innovative solutions to suit your needs.

£4,000-£8,000: Working with a tighter budget? Not to worry, there are many appealing exhibition stand designs for you to choose from. If you’re working within this price range, you’ll be able to afford a stand with A/V (audiovisual) equipment, such as LCD screens for presentations and videos, shelving or display units and a seating area.

£8,000-£12,000: Prepared to spend a little bit more? An exhibition booth in this price range will give you a larger exhibition stand with room for multiple areas for presentations and seating. This option provides the ideal way to create a funnel, meaning that you can draw potential customers in with an engaging presentation, then lead them back to a seating area where they can have a chat with your team. It’s a simple yet effective way to increase exposure and warm up leads.

£12,000-£15,000: With this price range, you get a lot more to work with, such as two-walled six-metre-long displays. Having more than one wall allows you to segment areas and design walkways that create a more immersive experience. This way, visitors physically enter your space, just as if they were paying a visit to your shop or office.

£15,000-£20,000: With exhibition stand prices falling between £15 and £20k, you’ll be looking at a multifunctional display with room for tables and other furniture. A larger budget also allows you to go bigger and bolder with a design and layout that stands out from the crowd. Embracing the creative side of exhibition stand design is fun and comes with many advantages for your business. Experimenting with different shapes and using additional space also lets you make your mark with your branding, implement additional tech equipment and choose a layout that suits the specific goals you have in mind.

£20,000+: If your budget has no bounds, your only limitation is your imagination. Whether you want an enormous stand that passersby simply cannot ignore or an immersive interactive that makes good use of various forms of media, your options are endless with this budget. If you’re considering several ideas or finding it difficult to nail down one design, why not incorporate them all into one massive booth?

Want to learn more about our exhibition stand prices and the bespoke solutions we offer? Get in touch today to schedule a free no-obligation consultation and discuss your needs with our team.

Tom Bristow

Plus Group

Tom Bristow is the Managing Director of The Plus Group and has worked in the exhibition industry for over a decade. He is passionate about the service his company provides and he eats, breathes and sleeps everything exhibitions.

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