Trade Show Marketing

Top Tips to Achieve Exhibition Success

Trade Show Marketing - Tips for exhibition success

In this trade show marketing guide we will explore the factors that will help you achieve exhibition success.

Although the digital age has changed the way businesses sell products and communicate with customers, trade shows are still beneficial and influential when it comes to the sales capability of your company.

When attending a trade show, businesses have different goals and challenges ahead of them. So naturally, trade show success has a different meaning from company-to-company. With that said, for every business, it requires time, effort, money and creativity to prosper.

Now that exhibitions are back in full flow, the buzz and excitement surrounding them is also back. We have designed and built countless stands since the ‘big re-opening’ but the key to exhibition success are just as they were before.

Be Prepared

It should go without saying, but planning is essential for maximising your potential for trade show success. Planning for several months allows you to think of every variable and explore as many creative avenues as possible. The latter is especially important when it comes to the aesthetic and technical aspects of your exhibition stand.

Ask yourself, what are you hoping to gain by exhibiting at this event? Are you there to raise your profile and increase brand awareness or to generate sales? By setting realistic and specific objectives for the event, you’re more likely to achieve them.

Figure out who you are trying to attract. Tailor your pre-show marketing to let this audience know you will be there, what you will be promoting and importantly, the location of your stand within the hall. Make use of your social media platforms to drive visitors to your stand – engaging them with hints and teases, competitions, reveals – anything that you think will increase engagement.

No doubt in the past you will have made decisions regarding marketing, products, exhibition stands or any other aspect of trade shows that you later went on to regret. It’s crucial to analyse these mistakes and establish why it proved to be unsuccessful. By doing so, you not only increase your chances of exhibition success but also evolve as a professional.

Here at Plus Exhibition, one of the mistakes we see time and time again is people opting for a poorer quality exhibition stand because they want to save money. While this may cut initial costs, you’ll find the negative impact it has on sales and brand awareness is significantly more than the money you save. We understand this and offer a comprehensive hire plan, free stand design and competitive pricing.

Plan Your Stand

In a busy exhibition hall, you only have the briefest moment to attract a visitor’s attention – and in that moment you want them to realise that you are exactly what they need. Professionally designed graphics are imperative to ensure your stand design is eye-catching and engaging. Be bold, be vibrant, be eye-catching and inventive. Make sure your stand is the one everyone notices.

Be it a house or an exhibition stand, the same is true. Location is key in a busy exhibition hall… you don’t want to be tucked up a corner, away from the action. Consider your position in relation to entrances, exits and catering facilities – as these areas often have the best footfall. Whose are the stands around you? Where are your competitors located?

Does size really matter? Indeed it does! The bigger the better when it comes to exhibitions – but do not fall into the trap of buying a huge 10m x 10m stand, when you only have a £10,000 budget. You are much better opting for a smaller space (eg. 7m x 6m) and using your budget to make it look fantastic.

Make sure your stand shines brightly amongst your competitors by ensuring that everything is well lit. Use spotlights, back lighting, shelf lights etc creatively to bring attention to your brand or a particular product. Coloured lights can complement your brand colours or create atmosphere, whilst light boxes make a spectacular change to flat graphic walls. LED video walls can also provide your stand with that ‘WOW’ factor and grab visitors attention whilst providing them with key information about your brand or product.

We live in an era where technology has become an essential part of the business world as well as everyday life, so naturally, it makes sense to implement technology into your trade show exhibition stand. With such a wide range of tech to consider — such as AV equipment, lighting, floor tiles and innovative options such as VR headsets — the creative possibilities are endless. By using a range of technology to create a more aesthetically pleasing trade show environment, it’s not only more appealing to today’s consumers, but it also shows your brand has its finger on the pulse of modern culture.

Competitions, giveaways, interactive features and games are often great ways to attract people to your stand. Instead of business based prizes, offer personal “treats” as an incentive.

Trade Show Marketing - Tips for trade show success

Attract Attention

While you may already have design ideas in mind for your exhibition stand, it’s always a good idea to explore as many different options as possible. The key to trade show success is attracting as much attention as possible and standing out from the crowd. Bespoke exhibition stands provide the perfect platform to explore a wide range of ideas that will engage your audience.

Keep in mind your competitors have the same goal, and therefore it’s vital to embrace creativity and unique design ideas. Fortunately, we live in an era where technology and graphic design is more advanced than ever, which offers a fantastic array of immersive and eye-catching possibilities. If you have any specific ideas you want to explore or are struggling for inspiration, Contact Our Team and we can help you to make your vision a reality.

Assemble Your A Team

Trade show success or failure not only depends on the quality of your product but also your sales team’s ability to sell it. Although their primary objective is to make sales, a knowledgeable and charismatic sales team set the tone for your booth and have the power to draw in and engage customers. But being a salesman isn’t for everyone, so you need to establish which of your employees are confident and capable of delivering a top-notch sales pitch. Making a genuine connection with your audience is essential for brand awareness and reputation, and you’ll find an experienced salesperson possesses the charm and knowledge to approach each customer in a way that suits their needs.

Utilise Social Media

Just because the event is underway and you have your sales hat on, it doesn’t mean you should slack off in regards to social media. Posting on your social media channels during the event is a fantastic way to draw more eyes to your exhibition stand as well as give you the platform to speak directly to a broader audience. The latter is especially beneficial at events as companies can use it to promote competitions, raffles or make other announcements.

Follow Up Your Leads

90% of business generated from exhibiting comes from leads gathered rather than on the spot sales. Always collect visitors’ contact details – engage them in conversation and find out what they are interested in – then let your sales team do their thing.

What Our Happy Clients Say


“The stand was very well received and we got a lot of positive feedback which was great news. The director of ChemUK voted it the best stand of the show which we were incredibly pleased to hear so please pass on our thanks to all involved.”

Quinn Building Products

I just wanted to say a massive thank-you for your help with the creation of our stand! We were very pleased with the way it turned out and the professionalism and support we got from you all when we were working on the design of it.”

Citizens Advice Bureau

“We have ordered several stands and additional display materials from Plus Exhibition Stands over the years, we always receive prompt, efficient and professional service with every effort made to meet our requirements and a lot of the time urgent deadlines! I cannot recommend them enough.”

MTI Aviation

“More than just accommodating us within a restricted time span, your teams professionalism and eye to detail was outstanding throughout.

Needless to say, we look forward with confidence to working with you more in the future.”

Acacium Group

We just wanted to a big say thank you for all of you support with managing our event stand at the AGM conference again this year. It came together perfectly, and the service you and your team provide made the whole experience so seamless. It was a very successful conference, and our display was definitely a standout.”

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